PCB Design

Predefined EAGLE Layers


1 Top

Tracks, top side

2 Route2

Inner layer

3 Route3

Inner layer

4 Route4

Inner layer

5 Route5

Inner layer

6 Route6

Inner layer

7 Route7

Inner layer

8 Route8

Inner layer

9 Route9

Inner layer

10 Route10

Inner layer

11 Route11

Inner layer

12 Route12

Inner layer

13 Route13

Inner layer

14 Route14

Inner layer

15 Route15

Inner layer

16 Bottom

Tracks, bottom side

17 Pads

Pads (through-hole)

18 Vias

Vias (through-hole)

19 Unrouted

Airwires (rubberbands)

20 Dimension

Board outlines (circles for holes)

21 tPlace

Silk screen, top side

22 bPlace

Silk screen, bottom side

23 tOrigins

Origins, top side

24 bOrigins

Origins, bottom side

25 tNames

Service print, top side

26 bNames

Service print, bottom side

27 tValues

Component VALUE, top side

28 bValues

Component VALUE, bottom side

29 tStop

Solder stop mask, top side

30 bStop

Solder stop mask, bottom side

31 tCream

Solder cream, top side

32 bCream

Solder cream, bottom side

33 tFinish

Finish, top side

34 bFinish

Finish, bottom side

35 tGlue

Glue mask, top side

36 bGlue

Glue mask, bottom side

37 tTest

Test and adjustment inf., top side

38 bTest

Test and adjustment inf. bottom side

39 tKeepout

Nogo areas for components, top side

40 bKeepout

Nogo areas for components, bottom side

41 tRestrict

Nogo areas for tracks, top side

42 bRestrict

Nogo areas for tracks, bottom side

43 vRestrict

Nogo areas for via-holes

44 Drills

Conducting through-holes

45 Holes

Non-conducting holes

46 Milling


47 Measures


48 Document

General documentation

49 Reference

Reference marks

51 tDocu

Part documentation, top side

52 bDocu

Part documentation, bottom side


91 Nets


92 Busses


93 Pins

Connection points for component symbols

with additional information

94 Symbols

Shapes of component symbols

95 Names

Names of component symbols

96 Values

Values/component types

97 Info

General information

98 Guide

Guide lines